The idea behind handpict.

What is Handpict

In a time where photographs are taken and shared day in and day out, by everyone, we wanted to create a place where photography is still treated as art. The photographs you will find on Handpict are more than simple snapshots, taken by  photographers who have invested knowledge and time to create beautiful artwork. We strongly believe that art belongs to everyone, as a consequence, we sell our photographs at a fair price that values the artist.

Limited Prints

Photographs sold on this website are limited editions and exclusively sold through Handpict, which will keep them exclusive and increase their eventual resale value. Buying early helps! Our prints start with a base price for each size and paper but will increase by 1€ with each sold copy, hence, increasing their value the fewer are available.

Ordering process

Pick the photograph that you like best, select one of three sizes and pay your print. You are all set an only need some patience. Your artwork will be printed to order, withstand a thorough quality-check and finally we will sent it to you. Two to three weeks after you purchased your photograph, you will receive a package with the print as well as a certificate of authenticity, signed by the author.

Paper quality

Our photographic prints are all made of superior quality materials and we invest a lot of effort in reproducing the tones, colours and mood every artist had in mind when creating his artwork. The finest photo print, and authentic art paper, deliver excellent image quality and brilliant colour gradation. Depending on the photograph, we are either using Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl or Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta.


In Whitewall we found the perfect supplier for real photographic prints, and paper quality, that you can find in the best galleries. They offer UV-Printing which involves printing the inks on the paper using a 7-colour process and then hardening them with UV light. This ensures a significantly better quality than many posters that can be ordered through most of the online providers.